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User Interface

You should have maximum freedom in choosing your interfaces particularly because each offers certain advantages. In IFS Applications, business logic and data are stored separately from the user interface. Different devices communicate with the business logic through standardized interfaces in the form of business components. As a result, you can quickly change or add the interfaces that best suit your needs. And integration of other types of devices such as process equipment, instruments and other appliances is easy.

The MS Windows desktop interface is highly effective in some applications, such as the example below of the scheduling screen. Complex graphics are shown quickly and clearly, and there are opportunities to work with a timetable or process chart using “drag and drop.” When using Citrix technology, the desktop interface can still be viewed in a browser.

Web interface
The IFS web interface includes IFS Personal Portal and provides users with access to IFS Applications wherever they are. It’s easy to learn, and data can be consolidated from internal and external sources. All that is needed from the client is a web browser, so the interface is easy to maintain and upgrade.

Windows interface
Power users need to run complex transactions with minimum screen changes, interactive graphical visualization and rich functionality. For these users, our MS Windows interfaces are the best choice, requiring little or no installation.

Time for mobile business?
The latest mobile devices and personal digital assistants (PDAs) can dram-atically improve productivity for anyone who works on the move. And with more bandwidth, the next generation of mobile networks will support yet more services. Mobile access to business applications will soon be a must for most organizations.

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