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Components in IFS Applications

Business is easier with IFS Applications. Because it is truly component-based, companies can implement what they need, when they need it. IFS Applications offer business solutions that can be configured to meet the needs of rapidly changing industries facing challenges in an international marketplace.

IFS Foundation 1 IFS Business Performance IFS Customer Relationship Management IFS Quality Management IFS Document Management IFS Supply Chain Management IFS Project Management IFS Business Modeler IFS Financials IFS/General Ledger IFS/Consolidated Accounts IFS/Report Generator IFS/Fixed Assets IFS/Accounts Receivable IFS/Accounts Payable IFS/Cash Flow IFS eBusiness IFS/Connect IFS/Event Management IFS/Mobile & Wireless Services IFS/Personal Portal IFS/eProcurement IFS/Collaborative Solutions IFS Sales & Service IFS Engineering IFS/Sales & Marketing IFS/Web Store IFS/Sales Configurator IFS/Customer Quotation IFS/Service Contract Management IFS/Field Service IFS/PDM Configuration IFS/Project Delivery IFS/Engineering Change Management IFS/Asset Data Management IFS/Electrical Design IFS/Instrumentation Design IFS/Process Design IFS Manufacturing IFS/Planning IFS/Engineer to Order IFS/Configure to Order IFS/Make | Assemble to Order IFS/Constraint-Based Scheduling IFS/Costing IFS/Batch Process IFS/Repetitive Production IFS/Shop Order IFS/Shop Floor Reporting IFS Distribution IFS/Demand Planning IFS/Inventory IFS/Supplier Schedules IFS/Purchasing IFS/Customer Schedules IFS/Customer Orders IFS/Invoicing IFS Maintenance IFS/Equipment IFS/Equipment Monitoring IFS/Equipment Performance IFS/Equipment Metering IFS/Work Order IFS/Preventive Maintenance IFS/Scheduling IFS/Process Automation Integration IFS/Vehicle Information Management IFS/Complex MRO IFS Human Resources IFS/Recruitment IFS/Employee Development IFS/Training Management IFS/Payroll Administration IFS/Time & Attendance IFS/Project Reporting IFS/Expense Management IFS/Self-Service

Cross-functional components

IFS™ cross-functional components are a set of extremely powerful components designed for streamlining, simplifying, and handling the critical business processes found within your industry. These processes include business performance, customer relationship management, supply chain management, and business modeling, as well as document, quality, and project management.
IFS Business Performance™ is a corporate per formance management solution that gives you full insight into how you are reaching strategic goals so you can take corrective action faster. It includes full planning, reporting, analysis, and scorecard capabilities that enhance the communication with employees, making it easy for them to do the right thing at the right time. Closely integrated with IFS Business Modeler™, you gain a full understanding of how your processes drive your company so you can steer it in the right direction.
IFS Customer Relationship Management™ is essential for all types of business situations, enabling support for business proposals and decisions in ever y interaction with the customer by providing a transparent touch point for all employees involved in the customer relationship. Highly flexible combinations of IFS Applications business components ensure an easily tailored CRM solution to fit the needs of individual enterprises.
IFS Quality Management™ is a comprehensive tool for roactive quality management, from proactive decision making to failure prevention making it easier to manage ailure modes and effects analyses (FMEA) and ISO tandards. With it, you organize and analyze your data in a ystematic and comprehensive manner. It lets you define ontrol plans, test and inspection instructions, and standards or parts, suppliers, manufacturing processes, and any ombination of the above. Moreover, it supports the entire production process, enabling you to control parts in anufacturing, distribution, and inventory locations.

IFS Document Management™ is a complete document anagement solution for getting full control over your ompany’s documentation. It handles workflows, documents, nd drawings and includes templates, version and release anagement, and support for invoice scanning (OCR) and edlining. IFS Document Management has all the features to atisfy any power user, yet its web-based interface is so user friendly that you can be up and running in less than 10 minutes the first time you use it.

IFS Supply Chain Management™ is a one-stop solution to the challenges of coordinating all aspects of your supply chain. With suppor t for supply chain per formance management including business per formance, key performance indicators, and scorecards it covers the planning, execution, and per formance of a wide range of supply chains. In addition, global customer order handling with advanced multisite sourcing and centralized purchasing supports aligned execution across extensive supply chains and separates formal legal relations from logistic flows.

IFS Project Management™ offers comprehensive support for all stages of a project life cycle, from initiation and planning to project execution and completion. Full project analysis capabilities enable you to identify trouble areas that may affect performance, making your projects more profitable. By linking it to your financial system, you can analyze actual costs and revenue throughout the project. You can use the project por tal to monitor the progress of a project or track costs, hours, and per formance.

IFS Business Modeler™ lets you view your organization in terms of business processes. It gives you the insights you need to re-engineer your business so that it operates more efficiently and profitably, with an increased focus on customer satisfaction. With IFS Business Modeler, it is easier to document your company’s processes so you can maintain quality standards or comply with industry and government regulations.

IFS Foundation 1™ is the technology and development platform for IFS Applications. Based on open standards such as XML, J2EE, SQL, and .NET, it includes the methodology and tools used to design, develop, install, and administer IFS Applications. It provides open integration through IFS/Connect, along with Java, COM, .Net, and SOAP access providers.


IFS Financials™ provides a comprehensive overview of your business to give you the kind of information you need to make well-informed business decisions and to take advantage of new business opportunities. IFS Financials streamlines your accounting process, enabling you to strengthen controls at all levels of the organization. In addition, you can zoom in, quickly and easily, on critical details, all the way down to the transaction level. Tightly integrated with IFS Business Performance, the financial modules provide a comprehensive solution for your entire financial needs.
IFS/Cash Flow™ offers you flexible liquidity analyses based on a variety of scenarios that you select. Use customer orders, purchase orders, accounts receivable, and payables to provide projections of your cash position. Use this information to analyze your company for better cash management and strategic decision-making.
IFS/Accounts Payable™ simplifies your supplier invoicing and payment processes. Support for selfbilling reduces invoice handling. A variety of currency and payment options contribute to the flexibility of the module while follow-up and analysis capabilities ensure full control.
IFS/Accounts Receivable™ simplifies invoicing and payment processes. It automatically handles coding of routine transactions. Integrated with customer order and accounting rules functionality, it helps minimize errors and simplify routines.
IFS/Fixed Assets™ is a fully integrated accounting tool for strategically managing your company’s fixed assets. Moreover, it includes multi-country support for depreciation methods, making it the per fect fixed asset tool for a global organization.
IFS/Report Generator™ lets approved users create sophisticated financial reports from scratch or from company-specific and general templates. It is ideal for organizations with delegated financial supervision due to the familiar financial terms and at-a-glance graphic displays.
IFS/Consolidated Accounts™ provides users with data from all grouped companies in one place, no matter how many companies are included. Easily map different charts of account, budgets, and currencies from subsidiary to parent. Snapshots of subsidiary data, taken during the period, enable management to view up-to-date consolidated financial data whenever needed.
IFS/General Ledger™ ensures you have a solid base for financial analysis and reporting, plus powerful simulation capabilities, including multiple general ledgers and advanced distribution rules. It helps you to gather and consolidate financial events from all the systems and subsidiaries within a corporate group.
IFS/Accounting Rules™ provides a common set of rules for all manual and automatic postings within IFS Applications. It provides an excellent over view that secures your company’s accounting model. Standardized interfaces make it easy to handle transactions sent to and received from IFS Applications, as well as to and from non-IFS business solutions.


IFS eBusiness™ uses web-based technology to create and enhance relationships throughout your company. Your employees, customers, suppliers, and partners get personalized, accurate information when and where they need it through easy-to-use portals. IFS eBusiness ensures security, per formance, and scalability, and integrates with internal and external systems using web services.
IFS/Collaborative Solutions™ enables you to set-up a personalized portal for your customers, suppliers, and partners giving them access to key collaborative processes in IFS Applications. These processes range from customer order and support management to collaborative project and product lifecycle management (PLM) processes. The easy-to-use web-based portal offers real-time information regarding supply chain management (SCM) processes and online requests for quotation (RFQ).
IFS/eProcurement™ lets you per form centralized blanket management, which reduces maverick buying and drastically lowers costs. Simplified supplier administration provides opportunities to negotiate lower prices.
IFS/Personal Portal™ provides all users employees as well as business partners with a role-based process portal to IFS Applications. It’s an easy-to-configure entr y point that provides an overview to the information that people need to get their jobs done.
IFS/Mobile & Wireless Services™ is a unique device-independent mobile framework that helps you increase productivity and reduce operating costs by automatically synchronizing all IFS Applications data from wireless or mobile devices to the data in your company’s internal network.
IFS/Event Management™ lets you extend the capabilities of IFS/Personal Portal by proactively notifying people and initiating action as designated changes and events take place. Integrated with IFS/Connect, the application lets you subscribe to and receive notification through a wide range of communication channels, such as e-mail, SMS, or your own My Messages portlet.
IFS/Connect™ enables you to publish web services, transmit them using a variety of protocols, integrate them with messaging middleware products such as Microsoft®BizTalk®Server or WebSphere® MQIntegrator® or simply expor t them to a file.

Sales & Services

IFS Sales & Service™ is an integral part of IFS?customer relationship management (CRM) solution. It helps your business maximize its profitability over the entire customer lifecycle from the sales lead through the entire sales cycle, and ongoing service and support. Your field service technicians can use wireless technology and web-based portals to manage all the information necessary for accurate invoicing, such as time, parts, and mileage.
IFS/Field Service™ enables your service operations to streamline their customer-focused business processes from quotation and order taking to invoicing and analysis. It also allows field service and work force scheduling as well as correct pricing within or outside warranty periods.
IFS/Service Contract Management™ lets you accurately specify and control the ser vice level for each of your customers and service activities. It improves efficiency by automatically controlling and following up on items agreed-upon in the contract.
IFS/Support Center™ enables you, your customers, and your partners to enter and communicate support issues and solutions in a simple, traceable manner through the Internet, an intranet, or an extranet.
IFS/Customer Quotation™ is a tool for quickly and accurately creating customer proposals and quotations that include pricing, technical information, or diagrams as needed. Once a quotation is accepted, you can transfer it directly into an order, saving time and eliminating errors.
IFS/Sales Configurator™ guides your sales personnel and customers smoothly and conveniently through your selection of products, product characteristics, and accessories. An easy-to-use “product advisor?builds configurations through a series of questions that precisely define their requirements.
IFS/Web Store™ is an out-of-the-box solution for Web-based order management and the ideal tool for spare parts sales. With it, your Web shop can be operational and doing business within a few weeks.
IFS/Sales & Marketing™ simplifies your marketing and sales processes while conveniently providing management with key data for decision-making. Your sales team can track, manage, and per form activities to secure sales opportunities, while your marketing department can easily manage marketing campaigns and communicate with customers.


IFS Engineering™ provides the cornerstone of any product lifecycle management (PLM) solution or asset lifecycle management (ALM) solution. By helping you improve product quality and reduce time-to-market, you can significantly increase revenues and minimize costs. IFS Engineering makes it easier to specify and configure design elements and products. And by using it in conjunction with IFS Document Management, you can ensure that the right information gets to the right people at the right time, avoiding confusing, unnecessary delays and costly errors.
IFS/Process Design™ gives you a power ful set of integrated CAD* and database tools for process design. It makes it easy to design and maintain process flow diagrams (PFDs) and process and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs). Through its integration with IFS Document Management and IFS/Asset Data Management, it provides the basis for asset lifecycle management (ALM).
IFS/Instrumentation Design™ is an integrated CAD* and database tool that simplifies automation and instrumentation design, and makes it easier to comply with industry and quality standards. Through its integration with IFS Document Management and IFS/Asset Data Management, it provides the basis for an asset lifecycle management (ALM) solution.
IFS/Electrical Design™ is a complete electrical design tool (CAD*) for streamlining and simplifying electrical design work. Through its integration with IFS Document Management and IFS/Asset Data Management, it provides the basis for an asset lifecycle management (ALM) solution.
IFS/Asset Data Management™ is an engineering framework that lets you create and maintain information about equipment and other assets in plants, power grids, and fiber-optic networks. Tightly integrated with IFS Maintenance, IFS Document Management, and IFS/Purchasing, it ensures a comprehensive asset lifecycle management (ALM) solution.
IFS/Engineering Change Management™ simplifies and speeds up engineering change processes. It lets you receive, review, check, and approve changes before implementing change orders.
IFS/Project Delivery™ lets you coordinate complex deliveries through their lifecycles from tendering, detailed design, procurement, manufacturing, and/or assembly to testing, delivery, after-sale support, and maintenance.
IFS/PDM Configuration™ is a product data management tool that supports engineering design, configuration control, and follow-up of items and products. Its advanced revision management capabilities help you comply with ISO 9000 or industry-specific regulations. Its powerful “best-fit” search and copy functionality lets you reuse items and designs, making it easier to standardize products and parts.


IFS Manufacturing™ helps maximize profitability by giving you more control over your production process. IFS?solution combines a simple, highly automated flow for the many routine tasks in the process with advanced management by exception for the vital few. A powerful mixed-mode solution, it supports planning, execution, control, and analysis for most types of manufacturing, in all phases of the process, and for all the employees within your organization. Tightly integrated with IFS Distribution, IFS Manufacturing supports the use of back-to-back demand-to-supply orders.
IFS/Shop Floor Reporting™ provides an efficient, easy-to-use way for your employees to quickly report production information. It gives you the status of your operations, the quantity of manufactured and discarded items, and the accumulated operator hours.
IFS/Shop Order™ is a comprehensive tool for monitoring and controlling shop orders throughout their lifecycles, ensuring that manufacturing per forms all work as planned. It includes support for many production models.
IFS/Repetitive Production™ improves efficiency by reducing, and even eliminating, transactions in the manufacturing process. Combined with IFS/Planning, you can create a hybrid pull/push system, using material requirements planning (MRP) to generate a supplier schedule plan and dimension the Kanban circuit.
IFS/Batch Process™ gives batch-oriented processing companies a competitive edge through more efficient production planning, on-time deliveries, and higher product quality.
IFS/Costing™ provides insight into the costs associated with your company’s products so you can make better-informed decisions. It supports traditional costing, activity-based costing (ABC), or a combination of these.
IFS/Constraint-Based Scheduling™ optimizes your production schedule so you can quickly respond to changes in the marketplace or to customer demands. By identifying production bottlenecks, you can deliver on time and keep production costs under control.
IFS/Make | Assemble to Order™ based on the Japanese Seiban concept, lets you produce exactly what your customer wants, when they want it. At the same time, you can reduce inventories, minimize lead times, and lower your cost of production.
IFS/Configure to Order™ reduces product deliver y lead time and cost by simplifying the production of configured products. It lets you or your customer select a base product and then configure the variable parameters associated with it.
IFS/Engineer to Order™ integrates projects and product structures, simplifying customer-specific design and making it easier for you to deliver the right product at the right time to your customers.
IFS/Planning™ helps you improve on-time deliver y and customer satisfaction by better forecasting supply and demand for your products. You can develop a comprehensive master production schedule, calculate time-phased material net requirements and optimal lot sizes, and then calculate the production capacity needed.


IFS Distribution™ is a fundamental part of the IFS Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution. It gives you bottom-line results by improving demand planning, minimizing inventory, enhancing customer service, and reducing order-to-delivery time. IFS' solution is easy to use, highly adaptable, and enables real-time communication throughout the supply chain. It fully supports a company’s global operations, streamlining your workflows.
IFS/Invoicing™ ensures fast and accurate invoice handling. It gives you the capability to automatically print, post, and update invoices from IFS/Customer Orders to the accounts receivable (AR), enabling instant monitoring of your customer accounts and credit limits.
IFS/Customer Orders™ effectively handles your customer order processing at one or more locations and is a fundamental part of the IFS Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution. IFS/Customer Orders provides a multitude of pricing options for your business, enabling you to work with tailored pricing models.
IFS/Customer Schedules™ integrates your manufacturing processes and production schedules with your customer’s demands to provide greater deliver y precision, shor ter lead-times, lower inventor y levels and more cost effective operations.
IFS/Purchasing™ lets you streamline your purchase administration and is a fundamental part of the IFS Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution. It works well for multi-site companies operating in global environments by helping you to achieve better pricing from suppliers through centralized purchasing.
IFS/Supplier Schedules™ improves your administrative efficiency by reducing the number of transactions requiring user input. It is ideal for high-volume manufacturing environments, leveraging repetitive partnerships, with a continuous and high-volume flow of order information.
IFS/Inventory™ streamlines your inventory processes by automating standard routines, freeing up your time and resources to deal efficiently with exceptions. It is a fundamental par t of the IFS Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution.
IFS/Demand Planning™ is one of the most sophisticated and easy-to-use forecasting tools on the market today. A highly collaborative, graphical, and interactive tool, it allows you to plan using visual graphs of forecasts, rather than spending all your time in the world of statistics and formulas.


IFS Maintenance™ is a comprehensive, industry-leading solution that improves your bottom line by maximizing your return on capital assets. With advanced technology, it provides better control over your repair, overhaul, and preventative maintenance planning and scheduling. OLE for Process Control (OPC) manages the interaction with automation equipment from different vendors. It also optimizes your supply chain, efficiently facilitating collaboration between suppliers and customers so you can focus on your core business and manage your customer relationships.
IFS/Complex MRO™ helps you provide superior customer ser vice and reduce costs through leaner, more efficient MRO operations. By aligning personnel, material and other resource requirements, you can reliably meet due dates and improve turnaround times.
IFS/Vehicle Information Management™ is a power ful, comprehensive tool for integrated fleet and configuration management, as well as for regulatory compliance. It supports serialized parts control, operational planning, preventive maintenance planning and scheduling, and modification management.
IFS/Process Automation Integration™ helps you to manage the interaction with automation equipment from different vendors. It uses OLE for Process Control (OPC) and IFS/Connect as a communication platform.
IFS/Scheduling™ streamlines work order scheduling and activity planning. The graphical drag-and-drop interface lets you make changes quickly and simply. Through links to IFS Human Resources, you can automatically compare personnel needs with the availability of various competencies.
IFS/Preventive Maintenance™ helps you manage schedules for regular preventive maintenance. With it, you can organize and prepare all kinds of tasks in a facility. Schedule tasks according to your own maintenance parameters—machine condition, certain events, a calendar schedule, or even whether an employee or contractor per forms the tasks.
IFS/Work Order™ manages all tasks affecting your maintenance organization—fault reports, preparation, planning, and final reporting. The result is more efficient maintenance work, which reduces direct and indirect maintenance costs, and the loss of revenue caused by downtime.
IFS/Equipment Metering™ enhances profitability and improves the control and use of equipment that requires service. It helps you to schedule and invoice ser vice according to how much the service object is used.
IFS/Equipment Performance™ is a power ful tool for evaluating proposed improvements in equipment performance to increase revenue. It registers all operational events, such as availability, per formance, quality, and overall equipment efficiency (OEE).
IFS/Equipment Monitoring™ minimizes downtime by giving you up-to-the minute information on equipment as it is operating. You can track current equipment status, stop reasons, as well as produced and rejected quantities to make better-informed decisions about your equipment usage.
IFS/Equipment™ manages physical information about your machines, buildings, ventilation systems, and/or transport systems. Fully integrated with IFS/Asset Data Management, it provides a complete asset lifecycle management (ALM) solution for both new construction operations and plant rebuild.

Human Resources

IFS Human Resources™ is a strategic human resources planning tool for improving your company’s productivity and boosting the bottom line. With it, you can optimize your human resource processes, including workforce sourcing and acquisition, training and development, benefits and compensation management, and payroll. Our user- and taskbased design concept saves both time and money by providing a wide range of tools that streamlines your HR processes, including a web-based Manager and Employee Self Service tool-kit.
IFS/Self-Service™ provides a complete manager and employee self-service tool that ensures high data quality and employee involvement. Managers per form HR-related tasks through web pages designed to match their needs. Employees supplement their employee data, apply for internal job opportunities, etc.
IFS/Expense Management™ streamlines and simplifies your company’s traditional expense management and reporting system by automating everything from tax calculations to travel allowances. Employees on the go can report their expenses no matter where they are using the web inter face.
IFS/Project Reporting™ is a power ful analysis tool providing project managers easy access to their projects in real time, getting up-to-the-minute details on any cost and time aspect. For project managers, it is an efficient and easy-to-use tool for project administration, time, and cost tracking for project activities.
IFS/Time & Attendance™ makes it easier for you to manage information on the working hours of your employees. Wage code distribution and the calculation of flextime, overtime, shift premiums, etc., are automatic and checked against the central rules. Moreover, you’ll save critical time when employees simultaneously feed payroll and project, maintenance or production systems.
IFS/Payroll Administration™ is a flexible tool, which simplifies and manages all your payroll procedures. Complete payroll solutions are available in selected markets and a standard interface towards thirdparty payroll solutions is available throughout the world.
IFS/Training Management™ provides comprehensive support for organizations with extensive internal and external training operations. It enables you to compile internal training requirements and use them as input for planning training events, while automatically updating employee files after training is complete.
IFS/Employee Development™ helps you to create strategic human resources plans and processes for your company by defining your organization’s skill/competency requirements and mapping them to your available resources. Once the requirements are defined and mapped, you can utilize them for recruitment, employee development, and a listing of outdated or overrepresented competencies.
IFS/Recruitment™ simplifies the hiring of new employees by supporting all hiring processes, from the personnel requisition to the final transfer of data on the hired candidate into the employee file.
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