China's Three Gorges Hydropower Plant goes live with IFS Applications

(19 January 2004, Linkoping)

In April 2002, the world's largest hydropower plant, Three Gorges Hydropower Plant (TGHP), signed a contract to implement IFS Applications. In a formal event, TGHP declared the entire project officially accepted as of December 2003. The system has gone live in phases during the previous months.

The solution from IFS consists of components for equipment maintenance, control system integration, inventory control, financial management, human resource management, document management, planning and contract management, safety and reliability management, as well as operation management.

TGHP aims to be a world-class hydropower plant. By implementing the solution from IFS, it has introduced best practices and advanced management philosophies into the organization. TGHP can now standardize workflow, minimize production costs, and maximize production efficiency with these applications.

This is the largest project implemented by Beijing IFS UFSoft, the joint venture company formed in January 2002 between IFS and UFSoft to target asset-intensive and project-related industries in China.

Due to specific requirements from the plant, the applications were extended using IFS' Foundation1 technology. These enhancements included planning and contract management, safety and reliability management, and operation management. The Three Gorges Hi-Tech Company, the information technology division of Three Gorges Project Corporation, assisted IFS in the extensions. The entire system has been named ePMS-electronic Production Management Information System.

Mr. Cheng Yongquan, vice president of TGHP, said, "We're satisfied that the development and tests of the ePMS went according to schedule and were successful. Our daily operations are highly reliant on this application. The document management functionality is also widely used throughout the plant for consistent document distribution. By implementing IFS Applications, we have trained a large group of generalists who are now familiar with production processes, management philosophies, and the effective use of information technology for their work."

About Three Gorges Hydropower Plant

The Three Gorges Project is the largest water conservation project in the world, located on the Yangtze River in Hubei province, central China. The project is aimed at improving flood control, producing electricity, and improving navigability on the river. Upon completion, Three Gorges will be the largest hydropower plant in the world, with a total installed capacity of 18,200 MW and an annual output of nearly 84.7 billion kWh. Six units have already been put into operation in 2003.

About IFS and IFS Applications

IFS develops and supplies component-based business applications for medium and large enterprises and organizations. IFS Applications, which can be implemented step by step, is based on web and portal technology. The solution offers 60+ enterprise application components used in manufacturing, supply chain management, customer relationship management, service provision, financials, product development, maintenance and human resource administration. IFS offers customers an easier, more open alternative.

IFS is a leading global business applications supplier with sales in 45 countries and more than 350,000 users worldwide. The company is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (XSSE: IFS). In Asia Pacific, IFS has offices in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand. It is represented via a distributor in Taiwan.


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