Sun Cupid selects IFS to manage its business growth

(30 December 2007, Hong Kong)

After a year-long ERP selection over a mix of local and world-wide ERP vendors, IFS provided by ECL is finally selected to manage the future business growth of Sun Cupid. IFS is selected due to its flexibility and ease of implementation. The implementation includes IFS Manufacturing, IFS Distribution and IFS Financials for both Hong Kong and PRC locations. ECL is selected as the implementation partner.

About Sun Cupid

Sun Cupid is a renowned OEM/ODM manufacturer of small electric appliances. The company is based in Hong Kong with its manufacturing facilities located in China. Currently, the principal products include hair dryer, bread maker and toaster oven, exporting mainly to the US, Europe, Australia, and Japan. At the same time, Sun Cupid is actively developing new product lines, such as coffee, garment care, and health care products.

Sun Cupid was established in Hong Kong in 1979, started out producing heater sub-assembly. Shortly after, Sun Cupid began to manufacture hair dryers for a leading personal care brand in the US. Over the years, the business has grown many folds, making Sun Cupid one of the largest hair dryer manufacturers in the world. The dedication to quality products/services wins a strong relationship with the customers.

Over the years they have extended their expertise to other electrical appliances. In 1993, in co-operation with a Japanese partner, they constructed a new factory for producing bread makers and other kitchen products. Due to a Japanese-style sophisticated quality system and the continuous innovation in product design, the new range of products have been successful in the market. Today, bread maker remains one of their core products as they are supplying to market leaders in different parts of the world.

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