ECL signed contract with SMC to provide consulting service

(17 July 2008, Hong Kong)

ECL signed contract with Shell Electric Mfg. (Holdings) Co. Ltd. (SMC) to provide Oracle Applications consulting service. Initially, ECL will provide consulting service to build integration between an in-house developed system and the Oracle Applications. The implemented Oracle Applications is in r11.5.10 running in Red Hat Linux.

About SMC

Shell Electric Mfg. (Holdings) Company Limited ("SMC" or "the Group") is a leading manufacturer in consumer electrical appliances since 1952. Expanded upon its strong industrial foundation and management expertise, SMC has today consolidated its business operations into three major areas, namely Manufacturing, Technology and Investment, giving the Group more synergetic advantages in its future development. SMC maintains healthy growth in its core traditional product manufacturing business. At the same time, the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) and other technology business initiatives are increasing significance in the Group's strategic focus of development for the future. The Group also continues investing in high potential business ventures for long-term profitability and expansion.

The Group currently employs over 5,600 employees worldwide, occupies more than 278,000 square meters (3 million sq. ft) of factory facilities in China and manages operations in eleven locations worldwide spanning Hong Kong, the Mainland, and the U.S. The Group's global business expansions are supported by the long-term partnerships with reputable global companies.

SMC is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Limited since 1984. The net asset value was approximately HK$ 2,444 million (US$ 313 million) as at December 31, 2006.

While gladly embraces the outstanding accomplishments to date, the management is not content to rest on the laurels. The Group is committed to continual pursuit for innovation, sharpens the competitive edge in order to achieve long-term profitability and business growth with its partners. Five decades of success and solid financial position provides SMC a strong foundation to accomplish new milestones ahead.

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