Leveraging the momentum from the first 2 phases of the IFS implementation, Sinomax honors the third phase implementation service contract to ECL. The third phase of the project covers Quality Management and KPI (Key Performance Indicators).

(7 March 2005, Hong Kong)

Following the success from the previous phases which include IFS Engineering, IFS Manufacturing, IFS Distribution and IFS Financial, Sinomax will start the Quality Management module and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) implementation.

IFS Corporate Performance Management provides an environment that supports strategic and operative processes. It encompasses short and long-term perspectives, financial and non-financial perspectives, functional and/or process-oriented measurement, and externally and/or internally focused business processes. The framework for identifying, collecting, analyzing, and distributing critical business information lets businesses manage revenues and cost drivers.

By using online analytical processing (OLAP) cubes for business performance analysis, reports, scorecards and over 120 standard key performance indicators (KPIs), IFS Corporate Performance Management transforms the execution of strategy into a continuous learning loop by providing constant feedback throughout the execution process to all employees.

Easy-to-use portals display strategic and operational business information relevant to each employee, while performance management portlets handle performance benchmarking and alerts. IFS' scorecard application includes a management framework, the balanced scorecard and a strategy map for identifying, visualizing and communicating critical success factors to the organization.

About Sinomax
SINOMAX (HOLDING) GROUP LIMITED was formed by the merger of three companies (Tung Ah Chinese Holdings Group, Luen Tai Group, Tong Tai Sponge Factory Ltd.) on 1 March, 2000. The alliance allows the company to access more resources in the new holding company and to expand business operation in many areas. SINOMAX also have subsidiary companies located in the United States of America and Canada.

SINOMAX has strong financial resources with HKD 300 million in fixed assets owning 112,000 sq. meter of land and 162,000 sq. meter of factory bases. Industry zone is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, which equipped with the most advanced production lines imported from all over the world worth in excess of a hundred million dollars.

SINOMAX is dedicated to manufacturing and exporting high quality products. Product lines include: "As Seen On TV" products, Furniture, Household products, Health care products, Massage Chairs, Mattress, Pillows, Plastic products and sponges.

Sinomax product's brands include:

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