With increasing confidence on IFS Applications, Otter Controls Asia Limited has decided to extend the usage of IFS Applications to include Financial components.

(2 February 2005, Hong Kong)

Otter Control has previously purchased IFS Manufacturing and IFS Distribution components in 2004. After thorough consideration, Otter Controls has decided to extend usage of IFS Applications to include Financial components in the implementation. Information and control will be tightly linked up throughout the corporation.

About Otter Control
Otter Controls Limited was founded in 1946 to manufacture 'snap-action' thermostats under a new and fundamentally different patent for a three legged bimetal blade which, in various developed forms, is still in use today.

The Otter Group is still a privately owned company with mature manufacturing plants in two locations in Derbyshire and St Davids of the United Kingdom. Recently in December 2004, Otter opened up the third factory in Shenzhen, China in view of the need to provide quicker response to its customers which are mainly electric appliances manufacturers with factories in Asia, especially China.

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