ECL will help May Cheong Toys to upgrade Oracle e-business suite to 11.5.9 in AIX

(18 May 2004, Hong Kong)

In order to fully benefit from the latest technologies and functionalities offered by Oracle e-business suite, May Cheong Toys will upgrade its Oracle e-business suite to release 11.5.9 running on AIX 5L with Oracle 9i database. The tasks are expected to be completed within 3 months time. The tasks include O/S upgrade, H/W upgrade, database upgrade, customization migration and user acceptance test.

About May Cheong Toys

May Cheong Toys is operating under the Brand name Maisto. Maisto brand die cast cars are sold to customers worldwide, and through the excellence of their products, the company has established a reputation of high quality. With the latest technology and state of the art equipment, Maisto is one of the few manufacturers capable of producing die cast metal replicas of exotic cars in accurate scales of 1:24, 1:18, even 1:12 and 1:10. Maisto's products are highly detailed with authentic features resembling the original vehicles.

Maisto's major markets are Western Europe and the United States. Maisto has also grown substantially in Latin America and South East Asia since 1994. In the United States and Europe, Maisto's major customers include all major mass merchandisers, regional chains and hypermart, independent toy and hobby stores. Maisto also manufactures for premium and promotional customers.

Maisto's manufacturing facilities are leading edge technology. Maisto can produce intricate circuit boards and other electronic devices. These devices are used in various toys which move and / or make sounds such as the animated Christmas product line. Maisto invests in technology to bring you the latest and greatest products with quality second to none.

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