ECL supported Management Portal going live in Joseph Wong and Company (JOSCO). The portal is fully integrated with Oracle e-business suite.

(20 February 2004, Hong Kong)

In order to maximize and optimize the benefits obtained from the Oracle e-business suite, JOSCO hired ECL to extend the ERP functionalities by developing a 'portal' to assist the management in measuring the enterprise's performance in real time so that intelligent business decision can be made on a timely basis.

As a result, JOSCO is one step closer to the objective of being able to proactively monitor the market changes and trends; correct any operation deficiencies; visualize the projected cash flow surplus/deficit and so on.

Most companies consider ERP implementation as a one-time job and overlook the ongoing improvement processes which can significantly magnify the return on investment ("ROI") of the ERP implementation project itself.

Both ECL and JOSCO view ERP implementation and ongoing improvement processes as a life-time endeavor in an enterprise.

About Joseph Wong and Company

Joseph Wong & Company (HK) Ltd. has been one of the leading manufacturers in hygiene, paper and plastic disposable products for several decades. Its customers include major fast food chain restaurants, hotels and airlines.

Whether it's a coffee cup or a hand towel, toilet tissue or a take-out container, Joseph Wong & Company (HK) Ltd. has more than a 1000 products to meet customer needs.

Commitment to high quality at affordable prices is the hallmark of Joseph Wong & Co., (H.K.) Ltd.

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