ECL provides Warehouse RF Barcode Solution to Joseph Wong's and Company (JOSCO) with integration to Oracle r11i.

(02 June 2005, Hong Kong)

To help improving warehouse efficiency, JOSCO decided to implement the RF barcode solution provided by ECL. The barcode solution will be integrated with Oracle r11i. Radio Frequency (RF) barcode devices will be used and warehouse transactions will be updated to the ERP system instantly.

With zero-time delay inventory status, Sales Department can accurately know the current inventory stock level and promise clients the delivery date and time accurately.

About Joseph Wong and Company

Joseph Wong & Company (HK) Ltd. has been one of the leading manufacturers in hygiene, paper and plastic disposable products for several decades. Its customers include major fast food chain restaurants, hotels and airlines.

Whether it's a coffee cup or a hand towel, toilet tissue or a take-out container, Joseph Wong & Company (HK) Ltd. do have a product line making and distributing the item to meet the customer needs. Nowadays, JOSCO possesses more than 1000 items in the product portfolio.

Commitment to high quality at affordable prices is the hallmark of Joseph Wong & Co., (H.K.) Ltd.

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