IFS Asia Pacific Conference 2004

(22 April 2004, Hong Kong)

In December 2002, IFS Asia Pacific held the first user conference for IFS customers and partners in this part of the world. IFS were extremely pleased with the results of that conference and feel certain that a second one will meet with equal, if not greater, success.

In planning a conference that will bring greater value to you, IFS incorporated the feedback received from the last conference and listened intently to what you, IFS customers, want from IFS and IFS Applications.

We invite you to join the conference in the beautiful spring city of Kunming, China, from May 20 to 21, 2004. You will discover many features and functions within IFS Applications of which you may not have been aware. You'll also learn how to maximize payback from your IFS software. Be one of the first in Asia Pacific to preview our latest release, IFS Applications 2004.

Most important, this is an opportunity to meet and network with other IFS users. Through industry breakout sessions, we hope to address issues familiar and unique to specific industries and provide like-minded users a forum for exchanging ideas.

Come and meet with the IFS team, our partners, and other IFS users. We have made it extremely affordable for anyone to attend and promise this trip will be worth your while.

See you in Kunming!

Value of attending

IFS is committed to creating value for all our customers and users. In designing a program that will appeal to people with different interests, across various geographies and industries, we recognized a common theme: How can our customers learn to better navigate their business using IFS Applications. Therefore, at IFS Asia Pacific Conference 2004, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Hear directly from IFS customers on how they are achieving real payback in their industries and gain valuable advice on how you can achieve similar results.
  • Discover how you can maximize returns from your IFS Applications.
  • Take a peek into IFS Applications 2004 by test driving our latest applications at the booth demos.
  • Delve into industry-specific issues during the breakout sessions for the asset intensive and manufacturing sectors.
  • Keep in tune with IFS' Technology Direction and feel confident that IFS can grow together with your business.
  • Explore technology issues in greater depth by attending the technology breakout session for insights into IFS Foundation1, Report Designer, and Web Services.
  • Learn about IFS' Customer Internet Support Center, your self-service tool for support of IFS Applications.
  • Meet new friends who can share your love for fun and laughter with food, drinks, and entertainment - a guaranteed way to recharge your energies.

Who should attend

  • Executive management
  • Senior line-of-business managers
  • HR, finance, marketing, and sales managers
  • IT managers and project team leaders
  • Business analysts and consultants
  • Product and business strategists
  • Implementation specialists
  • Systems and database administrators
  • Networking specialists
  • End users and power users

For additional information, contact:

Nolan Kung, Business Development Manager of ECL
Telephone: +852 3110 3316
Fax: +852 3110 3325


Asia Pacific conference 2004 invitaion PDF-file (1.1 MB)

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