IFS Applications 2004 Offers More Payback Than Ever

(1 December 2003, Linkoping)

Focusing on streamlining and simplifying business processes, IFS offers powerful business software to help companies improve profitability, cut costs, and reduce time-to-market. Continuing to lead the business software industry with component-based solutions that provide companies with a fast, step-by-step implementation, IFS is introducing IFS Applications 2004 today.

Designed to help companies reduce production and operating costs, as well as take advantage of new business opportunities, IFS Applications 2004 streamlines global business processes with packaged solutions for key vertical industries, corporate performance management, lean manufacturing, and ¡§on-line when available¡¨ mobile coverage.

The component-based architecture permits rapid development of new vertical solutions simply by adding deeper functionality components. A prime example of this is Complex MRO, now included in IFS Applications 2004, which is used in the operations and maintenance of defense equipment, aircraft, ships and transportations systems.

President and CEO, Michael Hallen, commented, "Since we introduced Packaged for Payback in 2002, many of our customers have received great payback on their IFS investment. Other customers who have been searching for new revenue streams in new countries or from different business areas, such as after sales, have found that IFS Applications makes it easier for them to take advantage of new business opportunities."

Hallen continued, "Many of our customers are facing the challenge of mergers and acquisitions in a global and changing marketplace. With IFS Applications 2004, we¡¦re giving companies the ability to simplify their business processes, making it even easier to reduce order-to-delivery time, streamline operations, and meet complex compliance regulations. IFS Applications 2004 also makes it easier for international customers to consolidate IT operations, systems integration, maintenance, support, and upgrades by running only one installation of IFS applications that serves many sites in several countries."

To streamline business processes, IFS Applications 2004 offers a host of new capabilities:

  • Fast access for C-level executives to real-time data from all parts of the enterprise with IFS' easy-to-use corporate performance management portals.
  • Reduced order-to-delivery time and operating costs through new supply chain management capabilities.
  • Faster payback with industry-focused solutions.  IFS Applications 2004 streamlines critical business processes such as compliance with FDA regulations in the medical device industry or lean manufacturing within the automotive and high-tech industries.
  • Reduced time-to-market and enhanced customer retention with advanced product lifecycle management (PLM) that integrates critical customer and asset information.  PLM from IFS allows companies to manage engineering change orders, cut lead-times, and increase quality in the critical handovers between design, sales, manufacturing, and after-market services.

New capabilities designed to make IFS Applications 2004 easier to use and implement include:

  • Improved productivity and reduced operating costs through automatic synchronization using a device-independent, "on-line when available" mobile framework.
  • Reduced costs through IFS Service Oriented Component Architecture™ that provides greater agility and co-existence with other enterprise software, legacy systems and point solutions.
  • Optimized infrastructures by allowing for proprietary or open-source operating systems and applications servers
  • Easier implementation, use and integration with support for .NET and J2EE.

IFS Applications has been released today and internal training is underway throughout the global IFS network. It will begin shipping in most countries during 1st quarter 2004. IFS Applications 2004 will by officially launched at the IFS World Conference in Orlando, Florida, March 28-31, 2004.

About IFS and IFS Applications

IFS develops and supplies component-based business applications for medium and large enterprises and organizations. IFS Applications, which can be implemented step by step, is based on web and portal technology. The solution offers 60+ enterprise application components used in manufacturing, supply chain management, customer relationship management, service provision, financials, product development, maintenance and human resource administration. IFS offers customers an easier, more open alternative.

A leading global business applications supplier, IFS has 2,800 employees, with sales in 45 countries, and more than 350,000 users worldwide. The company is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (XSSE: IFS).

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