ECL is appointed by Chung Pak Battery to assist the rollout of Oracle ERP to its Shunde plant.

(30 June 2004, Hong Kong)

Having recognized and realized the benefits from the ERP system implemented in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, Chung Pak decided to rollout the ERP system to its Shunde plant. Chung Pak expects to further improve the communication efficiency among Shunde, Shenzhen and Hong Kong by implementing an unified ERP in all sites. Management can understand the production status, sales figures and inventory level in each of the sites on the same day without traveling.

About Chung Pak Battery
The company's head office is based in Hong Kong with two factory sites in Mainland China located in Shenzhen and Shunde respectively, employing approximately 3000 workers. In the last decade, the company has invested significantly in advancing machinery, upgrading the quality of both its product and personnel, and more importantly, developing new products to expand its existing core business.

Chung Pak Battery Works Limited is one of the major battery manufacturers in Hong Kong. With experienced management team, well-equipped manufacturing facilities as well as good reputation among customers. Chung Pak has become one of the market leaders in various types of batteries including alkaline button cells, zinc chloride, nickel cadmium rechargeable and nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries. The maximum annual production capacity of present facilities reaches 1.8 billion units.

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