Chung Pak Battery Works Limited outsourced ERP ongoing support services to ECL

(16 July 2003, Hong Kong)

Chung Pak Battery had full Oracle eBusiness Suite including Finance, Distribution and Manufacturing implemented in year 2000. Instead of maintaining an internal team of experts, eg, DBA, Business Analyst, Application Programmer and System Administrator, Chung Pak Battery decided to take the Outsource-on-Demand approach to form part of its MIS team. Chung Pak Battery can hire the appropriate person from ECL on demand for ongoing application tuning, ad-hoc report development, database recovery, system administration, trouble-shooting, Oracle Metalink TAR follow-up and application re-training. This approach can reduce overhead cost on internal training, high MIS staff turnover rate and uneven workload in MIS.

About Chung Pak Battery
The company's head office is based in Hong Kong with two factory sites in Mainland China located in Shenzhen and Shunde respectively, employing approximately 3000 workers. In prior decades, the company had invested significantly in advanced machinery, upgrading the quality of both its product and personnel, and more importantly, developing new products to expand its existing core business.

Chung Pak Battery Works Limited is one of the major battery manufacturers in Hong Kong, with experienced management team, well-equipment manufacturing facilities as well as good reputation among customers. Batteries manufactured include alkaline button cell, zinc chloride, nickel cadmium rechargeable and nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries. The maximum production capacity of present facilities is estimated at 1.8 billion units.

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