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ECL partners with the market leaders on software, applications, system integration and hardware to provide enterprise solutions to our clients. Anyone interested in partnering with us can contact our Alliance Manager.

IFS Applications, which is based on web and portal technology, offers 60+ enterprise application components used in manufacturing, supply chain management, customer relationship management, service provision, financials, product development, maintenance and human resource administration. IFS offers customers an easier, more open alternative that can be implemented step by step.

IFS is a leading global business applications supplier with sales in 45 countries and more than 350,000 users worldwide. The company is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (XSSE: IFS). ECL is the Distributor in Hong Kong.

Click here for the list of selected IFS customer references

Shoplogix is an end-to-end performance management solution that provides real-time visual reporting and analysis of production to identify opportunities for improvement with actionable insights that deliver measureable results.

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